Why mindful movement?

Mindful movement at a young age builds patience, respect, self understanding and self confidence. The practice can enhance their imagination and their creative abilities. At Mindful Happy Yogis, we focus on mindfulness to lead happy lives. 


Children's Class structure

Children's classes caters to a child's active mind. Each class centers around a theme that cultivates mindfulness and teaching life lessons. Basic asanas (yoga postures) are broken down for their younger bodies to achieve in a fun, safe, and non competitive way. Areas of focus:

  • self regulation

  • breath and body awareness

  • communication and expression of emotions

  • balance and coordination

  • strength and flexibility

  • self confidence and self esteem


The practice enriches and helps expand fitness levels individually, as well as, calm busy minds.   All yogis learn to develop an awareness for their physical, mental, and emotional health. Not to mention, it is a wonderful community filled with fun, supportive and a nurturing environment. We believe that the practice is for all children of all abilities.

Mindful movement for kids with special needs and disabilities-- Children with disabilities have the same needs as any other child- the need to feel confident, strong, focused, happy, etc. We understand that no two children are alike. So we keep this in mind as we practice with children in group settings or individually.  Mindful Happy Yogis considers the child and their personality-what are their strengths, talents, preferences, what makes them smile. This is how we make yoga fun and accessible for all!!

Now more than ever, research delivers that there are many benefits for all children to practice yoga to influence better learning, self esteem, behavior, and self regulation. This is Mindful Happy Yogis.

Children's yoga resources

Yoga Journal: Kids Yoga

Yoga Journal: Yoga and Imagination

Yoga for Autism and Special Needs


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