I am a certified Yoga Teacher for adults and children. I believe sharing Yoga and Mindfulness practice is beneficial for all ages and abilities. We all deserve to feel good and connected to our mind and body.


Our Services

We believe that Yoga and Mindfulness practice is a lifelong study.

We are prepared to share this practice with a community and in a personal, one-on-one setting, for all ages of all abilities.

What does sharing Yoga and Mindfulness mean to us?

It was clear to me, early on, that Yoga is a potent and transforming practice. My desire to share this practice arises from reasons of love, respect and gratitude. Because I have experienced and witnessed it in my own and others’ lives, the power that this practice brings, I know that sharing this is an enormous responsibility and gift. It is my genuine desire to share this practice in a safe and sacred space.


Our Practice

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